13 March 2015

Why OnlineYouthJob Is Fake

 Honestly, it seems that some groups were flooded with these kind of websites that offer great opportunity when in fact, their only mission is to annoy someone by fooling around users.

Now, it has been come to my attention that this OnlineYouthJob.com was one and new-heck of annoying website existed.

If you visit this website and looking for answers, yes, you are in the right page.

Brief question: Is OnlineYouthJob is Fake or Real?
My Best Answer is: OnlineYouthJob  is FAKE.

If you are not convince then I will cite reasons why OnlineYouthJob is FRAUD, FAKE, and SCAM website.

Before that, take note with these websites I've reviewed.

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If you decided to join then you can instantly join here: Register here

This website OnlineYouthJob.com has obvious similarities with the recently websites I reviewed:

To simply and straight-forward, my reasons are quite the same with my previous review.

OnlineYouthJob logo
1. Registration is QUITE simple and UNSECURE.
2. NO security features. 2-step verification, confirmation, captcha, and the likes
3. No Contact page
4.  No discussion page
5. There is only ONE job available and it is annoying.
6. Owners information are hidden
7. No actual payment available

FINAL: If you happen to stumble this website, then try to stop and ignore it.


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