11 March 2015

[ Leak ]: iPhone 6s New Force Touch Tech + Available in Pink Color

This is probably the HUGE leak on iPhone 6s, according to a new report BGR, Apple has a quite interesting surprises in store particularly on its new next-generation iPhone this year.

The first report indicates the implementation of Force Touch technology in iPhone 6s. Force Touch technology allows iPhone not to detect when its display is not being pressed. It can detect amount of pressure too which brings up to be the new options for gesture commands.

image: BGR
“Apple Inc. plans to add sensors to detect how hard a user is pressing on a screen to its next iPhones. Apple is considering the changes as it tries to follow up on the tremendous success of its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.” ~ The Wall Street Journal reports.
Apple also reportedly tested the new color option which is PINK which according to Technobuffalo's post, it is not be the plastic like iPhone 5c but it is pink aluminum.

And lastly, the rumors will equip this next-gen iPhone 6s to have 2GB of RAM.

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