29 March 2015

Is EMGOLDEX a Legit or Scam?

Probably, EMGOLDEX might be the answer to the person's problem financially. It is not new opportunity also. In fact, it became quite a fame at some point due to its investment return.

However, there is a slight problem with it, and I will cite some sources and provide answers that might help people who will start to engage in this investment.

Before anything else, let us start to examine Emgoldex first: Briefly, EMGOLDEX trades gold. It also specializes in buying and selling of gold bars in different gold bars throughout the world.
Gold - Metal of gods and kings!
EMGOLDEX: Introduction about Gold

EMGOLDEX sees gold as the opportunity to earn and provide financial stability when a person joins with it.
Gold is bought and sold throughout the world over 5000 years. Various cities and markets trade in investment gold for centuries . But only one city in the world is well known as the city of gold, it is Dubai, Dubai - City of Gold. 
The company not only sells investment gold bars, but also provides a guarantee of buyback of gold from its customers with the most profitable prices. The customers of the company can use the service of certified depositories for gold and diamonds.


One of its services it to procure, buy, sell, and provide an investment of gold by top producers of the world in different values.

EMGOLDEX Top Reasons to Invest in GOLD
  • 10. Gold has and always will be the most legendary precious metal in the world. 
  • 9. Gold is a real honest money, which was thought up by mankind during all of its existence. 
  • 8. As this irreplaceable natural resources and reserves of gold in the earth's crust is gradually exhausted, gold will always be in demand and demand is increasing. 
  • 7. Gold is a hedge against inflation. 
  • 6. Unlike paper currency, stocks and bonds, gold never loses its intrinsic value.
  • 5. Gold maintains its value through political and social upheavals, wars, and natural disasters. 
  • 4. Property values and high liquidity allows gold to really be the only international currency. 
  • 3. Gold bars is the safest way of investing in gold. 
  • 2. Gold should be part of every investment portfolio. 
  • 1. No other investment has the wealth preserving power of gold!
  • For the company — to expand a commodity market of a selling production.
  • For clients — to receive payment for professional advertising, extended worldwide and to participate in the distribution of profits of the Internet shop.
EMGOLDEX: Business Model

Marketing program Goldex is designed to assist only those who have a desire to promote the company's products over the Internet - shop in the world market and to receive credit bonuses from the company for advertising and attraction of new customers.

An indispensable condition is that the marketing reward in the form of credit bonuses received for promotional activities and attraction of new customers, can only be used to purchase an investment gold bullion on account of execution of customer orders.

Business - model of marketing program Goldex consists of two tables of orders:
1. The preliminary table of orders.
2. The main table of orders.

The preliminary table of orders is designed to pass the buyer's order to the Main table of orders.

The main table of orders is intended to get credit bonuses for the payment of the purchaser's order. For the full execution of the order, the buyer must pass a minimum of two cycles of the main table.

Orders with a payment of € 150 are placed on the preliminary table of orders.

Orders with a payment of 540 € are placed on the main table of orders.

Is EMGOLDEX Philippines a Legit or Scam?

In Abs-CBN news post (Feb.16, 2015),  Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a warning against the firm Emgoldex Philippines that is luring investors for the huge of investment returns.

Pinoy Style Patak-Patak is a scheme that promises an investor to get high returns where:
  • P10,000 will earn for P1,000 of investment
  • P180,000 to P360,000 will earn for P35,000 of investment.
However, SEC said that Emgoldex Philippines is not a duly registered corporation and is NOT AUTHORIZED to COLLECT money from its investors. SEC also noted that the website EMGOLDEX Philippines indicated NO ADDRESS, but only contact numbers.

But one employee of Emgoldex Philippines denied the allegations. Instead, the company is registered in Germany.

An advisory surfaced in Social media posted by Salve Duplito, SEC issued report against One Lightning Corp. (formerly: EMGOLDEX) saying that One Lightning Corp was registered to operate in the Philippines but it does not have the secondary license to sell investment.


Those who are found to CONTINUE recruiting for One Lightning can also be held liable (Prosecuted for a criminal violation of Securities Regulation Code).

The advisory was effective on February 29, 2015.

In a PhilStar news (03/08/2015), Emgoldex Philippines is a FAKE company.

“With regard to the claim that Emgoldex is a registered entity in foreign countries like Germany, Dubai, Cyprus, and elsewhere, it is still not allowed to conduct investment solicitation activities in the Philippines without first securing the required registration and license from the SEC”


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