28 March 2015

HOW TO: Stop Message and Undo Sending the Email

Sometimes, when we are about to click the button "Send", we then realized that we have lacked something or we have seen typo in grammar/spelling — and we wish to cancel or undo the action — good news, it can be UNDO SEND.

Well, in Gmail, things get interesting, if user wants to undo the sending probably because of some typos or regret sending a message, then with this Feature at Google labs, you can take back a message you just sent.

UNDO Send is an useful feat in gmail  and this is found in Labs. When accidentally hit the send button, for few seconds you can stop message from being sent.

To use the "UNDO SEND" feature in Gmail, it needs to be ENABLED.
  • Click the gear in the top right .
  • Select Settings.
  • Click the Labs tab.
  • Find the "Undo Send" lab and select the Enable radio button..
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
The above-screenshot sample only works better in few seconds..if you missed something and changed your mind, then click until Undo link is gone.


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