03 March 2015

Blackphone 2: Probably The World's Most Secured Smartphone

Other smartphone companies focus on design, specs, and other stuffs, this smartphone however focuses on privacy and security features instead.

Mike Janke of Silent Circle launched its secured smartphone called the Blackphone 2 which has no unnecessary features yet merely on security.
"While the rest of the market is going one way, with selfie sticks and curved screens, we're going down another, to the heart of problems, sticking with privacy and security,"  ~ Mike Janke
Oh wait, it has pretty cool specs yet a standard too.
Blackphone 2
Blackphone 2. Image:Gizmodo
  • 5" FULL HD Screen with Gorilla Glass 3
  • 64bit Qualcomm octa-core processor
  • Runs on Android - Silent Circle PrivateOS 1.1, an enterprise-oriented and highly secure layer OS
  • 3GB RAM
  • Battery of 3060 mAh
  • Featured Silent Space, a phone version of Chrome's Incognito Mode
Blackphone 2 uses "Spaces" UI wherein it keeps different areas. And each space can be filled up with "Silent Suite apps", keeping communication be encrypted and isolated to each other.

It is also equipped with Silent Store which tagged as world's first privacy and security oriented app store.
"We're replacing BlackBerry, we don't care that BlackBerry's CEO is throwing nasty things about us onto Twitter. We're going to dominate them," ~Silent Circle security specialist Mike Jank
Blackphone 2 is expected to retail at $629. You want to buy this secured smartphone?

Source: Gizmodo


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