02 March 2015

Achievement Unlocked: Top 50 Sponsors All Time in ClixSense

Becoming one of the top 50 sponsors in ClixSense was a challenging one. Just imagine millions of users involved and joined the PTC site; and to become one, it needs to have an active referrals more than 650(currently) of users. But the good news is that, I made it through. Yes! I am the one. Actually, this is one of my goals in 2015 — and I am so happy that I achieved it. Kudos!

So the question is, what are the benefits of being one of the Top 50 Sponsors?

Well, certainly, one of which is PRIDE. Pride of being top 50 of all TIME! Statistically, there are only two filipinos(including me) who rank on top 50 sponsors of all time.

Secondly, when you have more active referrals, it does mean your earnings will be increased. But Premium-type of account has the bigger chance to get more earnings than its FREE ACCOUNT.

Relative to this, Premium members(like me) have the chance to view more ADS as compared to the FREE account type. Not only that, there are many benefits that Premium type will earn:
  • Chances to win in ClixGrid
  • Commissions on signup and direct referral
So if you wish to earn higher income, then upgrade!

Top 50 Sponsors -mabzicle
Top 50 Sponsors -mabzicle
Lastly, you are proud of being one. You are inspired to be in that position for the rest of your life.

How did I do it?

Well, I am a member in ClixSense on year 2011 and I keep on inviting other people to join in my league. No commitment. No forcing.

Honestly, I get these referrals thru reviewing websites especially those claiming to give great amount of money.

Check this sites: [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

If you want to be part of my league, then click here: ClixSense. From time to time, I upgraded my downline to premium type of account. Who knows, I might upgrade you.

To be transparent and without cheesy screenshot, this is my latest screenshot (March 02 2015):


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