07 February 2015

Samsung Creates 14nm Chips for Nvidia, Apple, and Qualcomm This 2015

Samsung known to be manufacturing TV set or smartphones, but this year, the company is reportedly shifting in making a 14 nm FinFET chips for the three major key industry players: NVIDIA, Apple, and Qualcomm this second quarter 2015.

Well, according to Wcctech post, it is reported that it had a process ready for volume since late last year. Just recently, Samsung managed to achieve in making significant breakthrough and made the South Korean giant to increase its yields yet reduces costs.

Why some companies jump to Samsung?
When TSMS experienced delays about its production of 16nm FinFET chips.  Qualcomm had reportedly stopped their production of FinFET just three weeks ago, then jumping over to Samsung to its next-generation FinFET processors.

Apple already chosen Samsung — its main competitor — to make its upcoming next generation 14nm FinFET A9 processors. However, in NVIDIA, it is quite interesting and surprising.

Originally, NVIDIA partnered TSMS to make 16 FinFET+ GPUs, but Samsung filed a patent infringement lawsuit against NVIDIA.

Samsung alleges NVIDIA that it is actively infringing several of its patents that deal with SOC structures, memory arrays, semiconductor buffering, and among many others. But you know, business is business. When Samsung continued to supply chips for its arch rival Apple, it will do the same with NVIDIA. As long as NVIDIA and Apple continue to make money for samsung, then the company will not take it as their business. 

Nah, NVIDIA will be having its Tegra processors made over at Samsung, however.

Image: Wcctech
The 14nm FinFET chip is going to be driven by mobile processors in its early life because these are  significantly smaller and less complex than high performance GPUs and CPUs. 

The huge volume also helps improve the yield learning process which reduces cost. 14nm is shaping up to be a major process node in the mobile industry. 



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