02 February 2015

[App] Postcron: Easiest Way To Schedule Social Media Status Updates

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant, and convenient social media management tool then Postcron is the one of best another yet web services for you.

In order to promote user engaging posts, one must look and use right social media management tool — that is Postcron fits for that job.

What is Postcron
Postcron is a simple, elegant, and faster social media management tool that saves a lot of time when publishing posts in several social media accounts.

Postcron is a FREEMIUM type of service, which means, it can be used completely FREE, but to enjoy and take advantage of its great features — one must upgrade an account.

Postcron is FREE of use that connects social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Maybe in near future, Postcron supports Linkedin and other social media types.

Visit homepage: http://www.postcron.com/

Postcron key features:
  • Can post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ social media
  • Specify date and time for automatic scheduling posts (auto-schedule feature)
  • Allows to publish many pages at once
  • Automatically shorten links (great feature)
  • Support and add delay time in minutes between each post (wow!)
  • Supports Chrome extension that will save lot of time when sharing a posts
  • Integrated with Chrome: Schedule posts without logging in to Postcron
  • Up to 15 Social media accounts (premium)
  • Get Unlimited pending posts (premium)
  • Upload up to 300 posts or tweets at once from an Excel or Google Docs file (premium)
  • Put Watermark brand logo on photos automatically(premium)
Watermarks is a feature that lets you automatically add your brand logo to every photo that you publish. You can choose the position, size, and the transparency level! It's very easy and you will create more visibility. It is also ideal for photographers who want to protect their images.
  • Content recommendations(premium)
Statistically, as of this writing, Postcon managed to publish about 139, 096,091 posts to 1,245,618 social accounts. Pretty huge figure ayt?

As part of my daily status posts, I also used Hootsuite and Bufferapp, yes these two app services are pretty damn good but has some bit of problems too (one is: too slow to load).

With Postcron, the dashboard is quite simple and its graphic interface is user-friendly. Everything seems easy with this Postcron.

Although Postcron is of FREE to charge, to enjoy great features, one must pay for its premium service.
Postcron logo.
Postcron logo. Image: Postcron
Easiest Way To Schedule Social Media Status Updates

Scheduling Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ updates is quite particularly beneficial and useful for people who are running Facebook groups or pages.

Postcron  is the easiest solution tool for scheduling and publishing posts (auto-schedule feature) in several Facebook(groups, timelines, pages), Twitter page, and Google+ accounts simultaneously.

One of the advantages of the Auto-Schedule feature is that users can take just 30 minutes out of the day to choose the best content to share, and add it to the list of pending posts with just one click.
For example, if you want to publish everyday at 12 pm and 6 pm, set that as the schedule. Later, suppose that it is Monday and you don't have any schedule messages and you press Auto-Schedule, the next posts will be published at a las 12 pm; if you schedule another, it will be published at 6 pm. The next at 12 pm the next day and on and on like that. It is super practical and you save a lot of time and clicks!
With the ability to publish at many pages at once, it can save time, effort, and energy.

GUI: Its graphical interface is very simple and user-friendly
add social media
You can add Twitter, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and Google+ pages.

Postcron has a separate type of post to publish
1. Share Status
This is quite easy and simple to use. In order to post, you can choose Schedule, Post Now, and Schedule in your predefined publishing times.

Share Status
Share Status
2. Share photo
This is very comprehensive. You can choose album in your Facebook Profile and Facebook page. Moreover, you have the option to select image from your pc, url link, and images from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or Google drive.

Share photo type
Share photo type
3. Share link
With this kind of post, you can paste link and make it shorten. You can also write something with it.
One of my favorites is the ability to choose correct image for that link. (this is very useful and convenient to me)

type of post to publish
type of post to publish
You can also upload multiple photos at the same time
You can also upload multiple photos at the same time
upload multiple image
You can even review your scheduled posts

Review Scheduled posts
Review Scheduled posts
Here you can view the post — see what's the status for past and future posts too.

As a power user (who always posts on social media sites), Postcron gives me an edge, effective, and productive way to maintain and engage posts with my readers.

Upgrade plans
Now, if you are planning to get UNLIMITED pending posts, up to 15 social accounts, and has 3 team members, then subscribe its premium-upgrade plans.

subscription premium plan postcron
subscription premium plan postcron
Yes, I used Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and bufferapp, but I find Postcron as faster, simpler, and easier way to post statuses, photos, or links at once. 

If you are looking for an easiest, simple yet elegant, and convenient social media management tool then choose Postcron. Highly recommended!


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