15 February 2015

Modular Gamepad Transforms Into Multiple Configurations

I have a gamepad that can be plug-and-play with PC to play some PSP games that has an emulator on it. While it is useful and quite playable gamepad, but this new product will certainly change the game play.

Okay, there are many gamepad types like PSP, Xbox, Wii, and other models. But this one is a game-changing, and it evolving into more buttons, joysticks, and triggers. The design is also a modern and futuristic.

A certain flat gamepad that can be played along with the gaming mouse will be heading to Kickstarter that aims to reinvent the keypad that gamers make wonder.

Grifta, this is the new product, is a modular gamepad system that consists of a Left Unit, Right Unit, and Connector Module. And it has been developed for years to fit on one size device. This advanced gamepad will surely makes superior in terms of performance and ergonomic principle.

The ergonomic principle is: 
fingers and thumbs must be arranged around the flat plane of the main PCB (Printed Circuit Board). 

Since it is modular, it can be disassembled and reassembled to build new configurations, and it makes stand out to other gamepads.

In its standard configuration, users get an average looking gamepad with two large handles:
  • a directional pad on the left;
  • ABXY buttons on the right. 

Triggers, joysticks and other buttons are mirrored on both the left and right unit..
Grifta. Image: Prefundia
In Split mode,users can use just half of the controller which frees up the other hand to use a mouse or perhaps even a keyboard. 

TechSpot called it another mode to Antlers that uses an attachment with infrared tracking and best for first-person mode shot games.

Another thing is Mobile mode wherein it allows users to attach any smartphone/tablet — and uses another modular set(a mouse).

The team has been working for 18 months in partnership in East Asia to make a robust and useful product. Oh pretty good news, the production tools and electronic components for the left hand unit are already units. There are few first units have been produced and ready for production.

Moreover, the company's website noted that on Monday it will go live as it start campaigning in Kickstarter/

The gamepad will be compatible with Windows, Android, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Sources: TechSpot, Grifta Project


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