01 February 2015

Google Earth Pro From $399 a Year Will Be Completely FREE

By far experience, Google Earth provides me a great detail on the places that I wanted to explore namely — Paris, Japan, Sweden, UK, New Zealand, Greece, and other cold countries.

But that's not all, I usually use Google Earth to view Typhoon or weather forecasts' images for monitoring purposes, yeah it works pretty well.
Google Earth is FREE, yet its PRO version has great features and its subscription worth is $399 per year! Good thing, Google will put to an end with the subscription fee for its Google Earth Pro which means from a $399 worth per year to a totally free Google Earth Pro! Is it amazing?

Google Earth is FREE
Google Earth. Image: Techcrunch
In a TechCrunch post, it was reportedly dropped its subscription fee of $399 to become completely free, but here is a catch. The user needs to get a key from Google to unlock the Pro features. How about for starters and don't have the key?

First is the user needs to fill up this quick form: 

Sign up is no longer required for Google Earth Pro., then sign in using your email address and the License Key GEPFREE.

Take note: Ignore the free trial in the URL.

Then  download the free Google Earth Pro client here:

Difference with Google Earth Pro with non-pro version

Here are what it can do that the non-Pro version cannot:
  • Print images at 4800×3200; non-Pro is capped at 1000×1000.
  • Automatically import a few thousand addresses at once to be pinned on a map
  • Capture HD videos of what’s on screen.
  • Measure distances/areas using lines, paths, polygons, circles, and more. Non-pro can only handle lines/paths.
I find this Google Earth very useful especially on planning and GIS mapping. Hopefully, I can get FREE PRO version.

Update: 2/9/2015 6:16PM
Google says its SIGNUP is no longer required to get Google Earth Pro. Instead, if you want to download Google Earth Pro, you need to sign in your email address and put this license key:

DOWNLOAD: Click here to install Earth Pro



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