08 February 2015

Woman Finds Terrifying Mystery Creature in Tuna Can

Warning: Image content is not suitable if you are eating and probably you won't eat tuna again. When a British woman named Zoe Butler opened the can of Prince tuna; amazed at what she found in a tin of tuna, a tiny pair of black eyes staring up at her! Creepy!

“I opened the top of the lid and saw a purply thing, a gut sack or intestine. Then I turned it round and pushed it with a fork and saw it looking back at me.”
British woman named Zoe Butler opened the can of Prince tuna
A British woman named Zoe Butler opened the can of Prince tuna. Image: Telegraph
She then asked NottinghamPost about the Princes tuna chunks posted a picture on Twitter last January 19, 2015, hoping to get identified the creature found in the can.

In a Telegraph post, according to experts at Natural History Museum, it is PROBABLY a parasite that attacks fishes including Tuna. This tongue-eating louse lives inside a fish, attaching itself to its host's tongue. 
Mystery Creature Found in Tuna Can
Mystery Creature Found in Tuna Can. Image: ThedailyWhat
How the louse works, in detail, Wikipedia:
Cymothoa exigua extracts blood through the claws on its front, causing the tongue to atrophy from lack of blood. The parasite then replaces the fish’s tongue by attaching its own body to the muscles of the tongue stub. The fish is able to use the parasite just like a normal tongue.
Stuart Hine, Identification, and Advisory Service manager, from the Natural History Museum, in London, said:
From what I can see I would support the head of a Tongue-eating louse, Cymothoa exigua, or similar.
Cute little crab. Image: TheDailyWhat
After the company of "Princes Tuna can" completed its own investigation. It turns out it was not a tongue-eating louse(Cymothoa exigua) after all, it is just a cute little crab!


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