01 February 2015

Adobe Files Complaint Against Forever 21, Pirating Photoshop

Adobe Systems Inc. accuses American retail giant, Forever 21, of illegally pirating copies of Photoshop and other applications (corel and autodesk companies), violates companies' copyrights.

Forever 21 is now facing a serious fines according to a new lawsuit from Adobe. According to TheVerge post, the said suit filed in California District Court, alleging retali giant Forever 21 pirated 63 different Adobe software.
Forever 21
Forever 21
Other companies Autodesk and Corel also joined the lawsuit. In the complaint, it is light-detailed that Forever 21 continued their infringing activities even after being contacted by Adobe regarding the infringement.
Image: AfterDawn
In the post also, it is not yet clear how Adobe traced back the violations, but it has thoroughly documented them, providing registration numbers and dates for each instance. 

As a result, according to Adobe, is "willful, intentional, and malicious copyright infringement," and they're asking the court to issue an injunction and compensate the companies for lost revenue, court costs, and additional damages." 

About Forever 21
  1. Forever 21 is an American chain of fashion retailers with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California and sales of $3.7 billion in 2013. Forbes ranked Forever 21 as the 122nd largest private company in America. Wikipedia

Source: TheVerge


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