05 January 2015

Is Being an "Attention Whore" Will Lose You a Friend on Facebook?

How will you know if your friend unfriended you? Simple: If you visited her/his profile and you see that "ADD FRIEND" button. It hurts, right? Certainly. But it depends on. However, there is a convenient way to see some unfriends you.

But before the plugin or extension, I wanna put this one of the reasons why we are unfriended. Attention-whore! Sounds familiar?

Attention Whore is a noun (a Person — it could be you) that seeks considerable attention that even useless pieces of stuff are being posted on social media like Facebook.

ThoughtCatalog has 10 signs if you are an Attention Whore on Social Media. To summarize, these are the very common symptoms:
  1. Buying likes or followers
  2. Took naked pictures (mainly posting cleavage or sexy pics or abs, it will gain many likes)
  3. Trap Like Statuses (I will repost it if I got a number of _____ likes, though).
  4. Statuses that can fill up number of comments (controversial topics)
  5. Discusses SEX (especially women who love to post very green and mature jokes)
  6. Begging tag shoutout ( Hey like this . He/she needs friends..blah blah blah)
  7. Questioning loyalty to friends (asking why they are not liking, sharing, or commenting your status)
  8. You LIVED in a SAD, BORING LIFE!!!
But the main issue here is, if you are being an Attention Whore, do you certainly lose friends on Facebook? Well, maybe yes and maybe not.

Some people get annoyed for your being Attention Whore, but not necessarily unfriend you. In my humble part, I don't usually unfriend friends on my lists on Facebook. Though, a certain feeling that I need to UNFRIEND some because I actually reached the maximum number of friends of 5000.

With that, even if I have some little Attention Whore or annoying-drama kings/queens Friends, still I didn't have the chance to unfriend them.

So what are my reasons to unfriend them?
  1. One and a main common reason is I really don't know them personally. 
  2. Strangers that are not with the same country. (no I am not racist, I personally don't unfollow on Twitter, because I already reached max number of friends on Facebook)
  3. There are no MUTUAL friends.
  4. They are VERY offensive on their posts. ( I am that open-minded type of person so I welcomed offensive posts but that it takes other personal insults)
  5. They are just irritating and annoying.
What are their perspective reasons? 
  • You are an annoying bitch.
  • They are married or have GF/BF relationship.
  • Heck. People have their own Privacy!
  • You are STRANGER to them.
  • You are painfully offensive and sarcastic.
  • You are rude, no good manners and right conduct (GMRC).
Good thing, there is an Extension for Google Chrome that will let you see Lost Friends of yours (those former friends that unfriended you. Perhaps, you are just too annoying).
Lost Friends
If you look above image, you will see that I have lost 3 friends on my lists. For privacy purposes, I am not allowed to post their names. :)

Unfriend Notify for Facebook
The name of the useful extension for Facebook and Google chrome is Unfriend Notify for Facebook.If you want to know when someone unfriends you, then this is a great plugin.

If you want it, then you can install or add extension on your Google Chrome here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/unfriend-notify-for-faceb/ahigpjeolkfgjdaeodlmaceggigbpeoh


When you lose a friend on Facebook, you will get notified. It will display window and appear below right on your Google Chrome.

As of this writing, it had already 172,390 users and rated as 4.5 out of 5.0 by 1398 users.

More features:
  • Beautiful Facebook Integration
  • Push Notifications (window display right below the browser)
  • Don't worry. The data is stored locally on your PC.
  • It is 100% FREE of CHARGE. But you can donate thru their PayPal for the support [email protected]
Disclaimer: This webpage and the extension cited are not in any way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.


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