27 January 2015

Twitter Uses Bing To Translate Foreign Tweets

If you are a Twitter addict and you follow some personalities, media, companies, and other sects, you will notice that they have been tweeted some foreign jokes and pretty sure you can't relate with it. Fear now, Twitter is now using Bing to translate this weird foreign tweets so you could understand it well.

Good news is that Twitter is now using second best translator language tool  in the internet. The first is Google Translate right?

In a Gizmodo post, Twitter is now using Bing to be in their service to translate foreign weird tweets. See below image for the example.

Twitter is now using Bing
Twitter-Bing Translate: Image: Gizmodo
Tweets in a foreign language get a little globe in the top-right of the card. 

Click it, and you'll get to the detail tweet page, still in the foreign language. Translation is currently active on web, iOS and Android apps.

Is is really useful and cool feature?

Source: Gizmodo

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