30 January 2015

Twitter Adds Group Direct Message and Mobile Video Camera Features

Twitter might be struggling of some sort of its existential crisis whether if it is a social network or a micro-publishing platform.

Last Tuesday, Twitter announced its new exciting features to roll out to its users: group messaging and mobile video experience.
Converse with a group, privately (Group Direct Message)
Converse with a group, privately (Group Direct Message). Image: Engadget
Now, users can host a group direct message with their circle of friends. The other feature can record, edit, and share 30 second videos in users' timeline. Is it cool?

Converse with a group, privately (Group Direct Message)It was first teased as "Whisper mode" by CEO Dick Costolo last year. This is very useful when someone prefers to read tweets, yet converse it privately.

Mobile Capture, edit and share videos right from your Twitter app

The second feature of mobile app's built-in camera will shoot, edit, and upload video clips up to 30 seconds straight into user's timeline. Twitter designed it to capture life's most interesting moments.

This is quite useful for journalists, broadcasters, and advertisers to add video in more elegant way like sports highlights and breaking news.

Of course, you might ask this: how about Vine? Vine is owned by Twitter and a video service that let users record up to 6 seconds. Well, Vine is for entertainment purposes only, with this new feature of Twitter that offers will be richer, bolder, more highlight, and stronger!

In the next few days, it will roll out to users.


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