11 January 2015

Play MS-DOS Classic Games For FREE on your BROWSER

Have you ever played MS-DOS games in your life? If does, this is a good news, or else better try this classic MS-DOS games. Yeah I was once played MS-DOS game.

Forget those high-intensity-hungry-graphics games. This is quite a good collection to play with your browser.

Internet Archive is becoming a sort of arcade source. The folks at Archive released emulators that give us the access to play over 2400 MS-DOES games FOR FREE. The collection of games includes action, adventure, and strategy.

The new browser-based emulator though in beta which has some bugs but you can always play like that of classic games Prince of Persia, Street Fighter, Dune, Batman, Mario, and many more.

prince of persia ms-dos
prince of persia. Screenshot Archive.org
Check it out and play games here: MS-DOS Classic Games


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