26 January 2015

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan-X @ $1350 MSRP

According to Taiwanese blog EXPReview.com report, NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN-X will have an amount of $1350, this is totally pricey yet you will expect more feature and specs here.

Take note: The publication also said that it cannot be verified yet the source, so take it as a grain of salt of rumor. TITAN-X, according to the blog post, is an extension of the TITAN branding from NVIDIA which equipped with GM200 and has a 6GB of vRAM with 12GB variants at AIB discretion.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan-X
Image: expreview
The full un-cut specs of GM200 of Quadro M600 part of the TITAN-X that has a similar basic specs: a 384 bit bus, 12 GB of vRAM and 3072 Cores with translates to 24 SMM.

It has a cut variant of GM200 too:
  • 20 SMMs with 2560 CUDA cores and
  • 22 SMMs with 2816 CUDA cores.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan-X
Image: wccftech

In addition, this TITAN branding was originally designed professionals that are on a BUDGET.

If the GTX TITAN-X is indeed going to be priced at the $1350 price point then you can be sure that it will fall at or below the $1k mark in a few months time
Any folks with deep pockets willing to buy it are better off waiting that long. The report doesn’t mention any other details except the fact that a 12GB variant might be coming from Nvidia at launch, although I am not sure how valid that statement is considering the historic data. If Nvidia actually does manage to release the Geforce GTX TITAN-X then 1) it might cut a little into its Quadro profits and 2) the card will make for an absolutely killer SLI GPU, provided you have the pockets to support em. ~ wccftech


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