25 January 2015

Microsoft Will Transform Your World To Holograms

In terms of groundbreaking-futuristic technology announcements (well, sort of innovators and nerdy geeks), we tend to hear the companies Apple, Google, Samsung, Tesla, BMW, NVIDIA, and many innovators and science corp. But today, it is most unlikely to be heard or read from any tech sites, blogs, and news — probably because this company focuses on its firm product that are known across the globe.

Yes, Microsoft is on the list! Groundbreaking technology like self-driving cars, 3D Printing, AIs,  Google Glass, drones, modular cellphone, really-smartphone which are very interesting than Microsoft's New Windows OS.

Project HoloLens
Image: Engadget
Project HoloLens
Microsoft surprisingly announced its Project HoloLens, a futuristic shades that can paint with realistic holograms. According to Engadget, it is the Microsoft's Dreaming Beyond Virtual Worlds.

This new technology which accompanied by Microsoft Windows Holographic platform that we often see in science-fiction-fantasy books and movies, just about to become real.

According to Redmond's Alex Kipman, Holographic applications are Windows 10 universal apps so developers will be able to release them across a wide range of devices.

The platform works with the newly announced HoloLens headset that allows interaction between the physical and digital worlds. 

The outfit showed this all off with a live demo of an app dubbed HoloStudio wherein the user built a quadrocopter onstage by pointing her finger and issuing voice commands like "mirror" and "copy."

Additionally, Kipman likened it to "print preview for 3D printing" and then pulled a 3D-printed version of the UFO-like quadrocopter seemingly out of his back pocket to show that it's more than just a concept -- it's a reality.

Watch this cool technology with Microsoft's Holograms


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