23 January 2015

Microsoft Announces To Release Two Version of Office Second Half This 2015

During Microsoft's event for its new operating system last Wednesday — Windows 10 event. Following day, the company unveiled to release its new version of Office — called Office 2016 in the second half of this year. What is your Office version?

The versions of Office are:
  • Office for Windows 10
Office for Windows 10 offers touch-optimized versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook that work great on small screen devices like your phone and tablet—all the way up to the Microsoft Surface Hub. 

Watch: First look at Office for Windows 10

It is designed to run on Windows 10, built for touch. Also, it provides a consistent way for independent vendors and developers to integrate with "universal" Office apps.

All of the new Office universal apps are designed for touch and mobile, working beautifully across devices.

  • Word for Windows 10—  Review and markup documents, then share your documents work with others to real time. Perfectly for a team, projects, and the like. Also, the new Insights for Office feature (powered by Bing) in Reading mode brings additional online resources like images, web references and definitions right to you in your reading experience.
Word for Windows 10
  • Excel for Windows 10—Create and update spreadsheets and gain new insights as you analyze data and visualize it with charts. And new touch-first controls shine in Excel, you won’t even miss your keyboard and mouse when selecting ranges of cells, formatting your pie charts or managing your workbooks.
Excel for Windows 10
  • PowerPoint for Windows 10—Create and edit beautiful presentations with PowerPoint. Then use Presenter View to prepare and present with confidence, even use Ink Tools to annotate your slides in real time so your audience really knows what you are talking about.
PowerPoint for Windows 10
  • Standalone Office 2016 Desktop Suite
This full Office version is suited for PC with keyboard and mouse.

Office 2016 is designed for businesses and cost extra, but Microsoft hasn't disclosed the price. The desktop productivity suite (named Office 2016) will ship in the second half of this year.

Watch Microsoft Office for Windows 10: Word Demo

Compatibility issue?

If you are Windows 7 or 8 users, and you want a new Office Suite, then you need only Office 2016.

Image/Text Source: The next chapter of Office on Windows


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