11 January 2015

Microsoft New Browser Spartan's First UI Looks

Microsoft unveiled its new browser codenamed Spartan — that is faster and more lightweight browser. The look and feel is much the same with that of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

In fact, Neowin, posted a post about the first glance look-and-feel of Spartan browser. The User-Interface (UI) looks are really similar with Chrome and Firefox. Oh yes, this is an authentic Spartan photos.

Spartan Looks
With the Neowin's real photos of Spartan browser, we see that square tabs are above the url/search bar similar to Google Chrome.

See look at this Google Chrome v39 and you will notice these too:

  • Back and forward history arrow icon
  • Refresh Icon
  • Gray color
  • Bookmark icon
  • Setting icon
Have similarities more of in the Chrome.

On the right side of the Spartan browser, we can see favorite star (or bookmark) and then the "reading mode" icon. Next is the folder icon and then share icon. According to Neowin, the browser is quite feel quick and snappy.


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