22 January 2015

Infolinks Unveils InScreen Feature: To Boost More Income Earnings

If you want to earn more income with Infolinks, this new product will surely boost earnings. Thankfully, I received this announcement in my inbox. As much as I am excited to see the result, I am able to test and run it with this blog.

Infolinks: Boosts InScreen Feature
InScreen is an interstitial ad unit that appears in between website/blog’s pages when activated by one of three triggers:
  • When a visitor enters your site/blog
  • When a visitor switches from one page to another inside your site(Internal page link)
  • When a visitor leaves your site via an external link or the back button
Take note: InScreen product is running beta version.

Infolinks: Inscreen
Infolinks: Inscreen
Watch this product demo - Infolinks Inscreen

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