28 January 2015

[ FREEBIE ] System Mechanic: Clean Out Your Computer Day!

February 9, 2015 will be the Clean Out Your Computer Day! With that, iolo technologies will offer tips, promotions, and giveaways to celebrate the fun day!

Of course, I will be giving one license key for the lucky winner. Before that, iolo has a quite useful tips to improve your PC performance.

iolo technologies tips to improve PC performance and speed.

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Software side
Clearing out the CRUDD (Uninstall unnecessary old application)

Go through your applications folders. Chances are, there will be some programs listed you've barely even noticed before—some of them may have come pre-installed and others may have installed themselves without your knowledge. Regardless, if you don’t need them, you can delete them.

Update Everything
Set aside some time to tackle updating all the software you've been putting off. Installing software updates will speed up your system and make sure your computer is protected against many of the latest security threats, which get patched regularly within programs but remain unpatched in older versions.

Update your drivers to its latest version to ensure quality performance and speed.

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Backup important files
Back up your files onto an external hard drive(Seagate or Western Digital) or cloud storage service like SkyDrive, Google Drive, or DropBox. Then go through your library and delete some of the stuff you don't use very often anymore.

Get Rid of Fragmented Data
Run a defragmenter to remove clutter from your hard drive. Like many of the processes on this list, you should do it more regularly than once a year.

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Hardware side
How NOT to Clean Your Hardware

Be sure to unplug your computer before you start. Second, never spray liquid cleaners directly into your system. If you use any liquid to get rid of dust, pour it lightly onto a cloth first.

Fans and Vents
When it comes to the hardware portion of a routine PC cleanup, your best friend is a can of compressed air, which will allow you to blast every fan and vent on the outside of the tower.

Tackling the Interior
First, touch something metal for several seconds to ground yourself and prevent static electricity from damaging the sensitive inside components of your system. Next, remove any added video or audio cards and place them aside. Other components, like audio connectors and port extensions, can be taken out too. Be careful when using a vacuum—it's effective for much of the built-up dust, but don't get it near any PC components. Get out the brush and compressed air you used for the exterior and very gently get to work on the motherboard and slots.

Piecing It Back Together
Before you seal the machine back up, carefully clean all of the components you set aside with your brush. Then put them back where they belong, ensuring that you replaced everything to its rightful position and you didn't leave any cleaning materials inside the case. Close it all up, but wait at least half an hour before plugging in your now-clean PC and booting it up again.

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