24 January 2015

Is Facebook Hot Themes 2015 Safe To Use?

You might wondering about this Hot theme thingy — and pretty sure, as much as you are excited to change your Facebook background with some cool backgrounds and designs similar to Friendster.com wayback few years ago — be warned that this kind of app can hacked your account.

To start with, there is someone in your friends who posted a post in your timeline saying something like this:
Sulitin ang magandang background para sa iyong sarili ang idinagdag na disenyo (phone support) heart emoticon heart emoticon https://www.facebook.com/notes/themes-hot-2015-facebook-themes-hot-2015-facebook/516329525172450

Facebook Hot Themes 2015

Now, when you click that note, themes hot 2015, you will be following instructions.

Una: bisitahin mo ba --> helloriki.com/hot-theme-2015/
Pagkatapos: Mag-sign in at tumuloy sa susunod na hakbang.
Facebook Themes

The helloriki.com/hot-theme-2015/ website, if you noticed, it has a similar login page with the Facebook which is a WARNING SIGN not to engage or log your Facebook account.

helloriki phishing hot theme 2015

This technique is called Phishing — socially engineered attack used to get sensitive information by masquerading trustworthy entity like this Facebook to imitate its login page. This is DANGEROUS.

With that, helloriki.com, is a phishing type of website as you can see in the above screenshot.

Are you willing to take risk your sensitive information over this chezzy themes?

Facebook theme sample 01

Facebook theme sample 02

If you are willing to risk, then go, but there is something I want to share information with you. This app or setup is a CLIENT-BASED form which means changing of your Facebook themes can only be SEEN in your SIDE only NOT by your FRIENDS.

Additionally, when you already used or engaged with it, then most likely you are spamming by sending posts in your Friends' timeline. This is quite annoying though.

Lastly, Facebook does not support any theme customization or users can view who's viewing theme.

Final Thoughts
Is Facebook Hot Themes 2015 Safe To Use? For security reasons, my advice is Don't join or engage any Facebook Theme Customization. This is NOT safe with your Facebook account.

helloriki.com is a fake and not safe website. Just be careful.


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