25 January 2015

DirectX 12 Will Be On Windows 10 Only: Sorry Windows 7 and 8 Users But Here's a Catch

In Microsoft's Windows 10 Press Event, it was confirmed that DirectX 12 graphics API will be exclusively for Windows 10 users.Which means Windows 7 and 8 users will have to upgrade its OS (tp Windows 10) to take advantage of DirectX 12.

DirectX 12 caught the attention of PC gamers and a report confirms that this API is exclusive to Windows 10. Which means, it will not available to any operating system except Windows 10.

DirectX 12 Windows 10

DirectX 12 logo: PCmag
In a blog post of WindowsCentral, those users of Windows 7 and 8 will not have the latest upgrade of its DirectX 12 unless they take advantage of Microsoft's offer to have a free upgrade with the 
Operating System to Windows 10 for one year and to enjoy the great benefits of DirectX 12, but it should give individual users time to jump-up to the latest Microsoft's Operating System.

DirectX 12 already unveiled its new version of Direct3D which is the heart of DirectX. In fact, Direct3D provides full-optimized GPU hardware which gives richer looks and feels.

DirectX 12 Logo
DirectX 12 Logo
In a blog report in Rock Paper Shotgun said that in order to take full advantage with the DirectX 12, Windows 10 users MUST also upgrade their graphics card (DX12 card) in which are yet to be released. But it will going to take few months before Windows 10 is finally and officially released.
We’ve also been informed that DirectX 12 will require a new graphics card in order to take advantage of everything it’s got to offer, though some existing cards will be able to get some benefit from it. “To get the full benefits of DX12, the answer is yes,” Mike Ybarra, Partner Director of Program Management, Xbox Platform told us. “There will be DX 11.1 cards that take advantage of a lot of the driver and software tech that we’re bringing in Windows 10, but if you want the full benefits of DX12, you’re going to need a DX12 card.“That’s a bit of a stinker – early word had it that current DX11 boards would do just fine. We don’t know the full story there yet though – trying to find out more about that ASAP. ~ Rock Paper Shotgun
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