01 December 2014

[Review] Is PayRipo Real or Scam?

Hey wazzup. Have you heard about this new website that claims that can earn users $500 a day with simpler tasks? Want to work with less workload and stressful jobs online? 

In one of the groups, someone posted about this site (payripo.com) that offers great income but I was too skeptical and said, "WOW! Another scam". In fact, I definitely knew that it is quite a FAKE one. Well, I have been reviewing websites for the past few years already and it is easier for me to pinpoint what are legits or fakes. I definitely know about similar pattern of these scam websites.
In general, making money online is not new and quite a trend in this modern times. In fact, you can actually earn money online with some jobs in legitimate companies. However, there are also lots of websites which are SCAM, FRAUD, and FAKE — and payripo.com is one of those fake sites.

People these days fail to research websites that earn pretty higher amount maybe because they are attracted to it or maybe just lazy to study the websites. In order to lessen the guillibility of the users, it needs proper knowledge/education for them in future to become not a victim.

Is PayRipo Real or Scam? 
Payripo.com is quite promising(but not true) website that gives earning opportunity for users who want to get a job via online.
Payripo is a new innovating and internet job site, where you will be hired to do some tasks, different in type and number. and you will be paid a estimated reward for that instant in your account, after it the job poster will review the service and approve the status for your payout, then you will be paid for your work via Cheque. Other Payment options are also coming soon. You have to create a account with us to start and login to your member area, and do daily your jobs and you will be really great after using our service.
As display in its website, user can earn up to $500 per day! With simple jobs and tasks, a single user can earn $25 after registration and $10 per tasks. Oh yes, this is FREE registration.
Everyone can join the site
Unlimited Job Positions!
Anyone can Join!
No Experience required!
Instant Account Setup and Money Making!
No joining fee
It also promises instant Job Account setup and get paid for users' task work!
We guarantee you that you will earn 1500$ in your first week by simple task of 5 - 10 minute25$ Signup Bonus !

Registration is quite simple and straightforward. It only have username, password, email, address, and cheque. It has no security features installed. No captcha. No authentication link. No confirmation.

Alternative real and legit website to Make MONEY ONLINE
Question: Is it secured? Is it real?

One hint to consider is its cheque. It only needs your name. But it is incomplete. You need to have some verifications in order to transact money over online and it is not very easy.

Thus, PayRipo.com failed to put security on its website registration.

Incredibly, I tried to contact their support email if it is existing. Oh yes, it has a quite auto-response script. :)
Dear member,
Thank you for contact with our support center.We have received your request and our team will contact you shortly.
Due to huge emails, it may takes 7-10 days to send you response.
I only emailed, is it real? 

Do you believe its workers reach 128,000 employees?  Do you believe they paid an amount of  $245 million? Think again.

Current Active Job holders: 128,000 Employees.
Total Work completed of: 245,954,909 USD
Paid to members on Approval: 205,954,909 USD
Unapproved earning of members: 10,000,000 USD

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It is quite funny that PayRipo advertises its job holders to 100k employees, but the actual job is only to promote its referral link.
This is might the easiest job you have ever seen. But be CAREFUL otherwise you will waste TIME and ENERGY. Well, this is totally fake though. There is no actual guaranteed earnings. Not with this job though.
This type of work is quite annoying especially to users' friends in social media like Facebook.

How do I promote my referral link?
Promote your referral link on forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, chats, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups, twitter, ptc sites, advertising websites to get link visits and earn money on every visit you sent through your link

Similar website:Payodesk: payodesk.com

When will I get paid?
The minimum balance required for payout is 300$ and you can get paid through PayPal, Cheque, Money Gram, PayPal, Payza, Moneybookers, bank transfer at end of every month.

How much can I earn?
You can earn without any limits, it depends solely on your efforts and how much you work to promote your link. Many of our top members are earning more then 500$ per day and 10,000$+ per month

Do you really believe it? Nah. Don't waste your time and effort!

FAKE: Recent Payments
Honey Babe 8900 USD (UK)
John Rickson 1200 USD (ID)
Money334 9700 USD (MY)
MariaGirl1990 3490 USD (USA

Hmmmm.. think again with this kind of figure.

If you visit this: weeklyyouthpay, you will notice that it has similar design, but only differ with the domain name.

No forum installed
Definitely, one of the most useful features, but no where to be found in PayRipo.

Is PayRipo Real or Scam? Yes, it is totally a fake, fraud, scam, and joke. I hope you don't join and engage with this website.


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