11 December 2014

3 Ways to Convert to PDF with Able2Extract 9

Many of us have experienced sending a document in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or similar editable file format, and finding out that the data recipient can't view it or open it properly on their computer. 

Usually happens when the file recipient doesn't have proper software for opening our file (e.g. Microsoft Office), or when they are using an operating system that doesn’t support our software (e.g. when we send MS Office documents to Linux users).

A common way of preparing documents for online transfer is to convert them to PDF. Many simple tools can do this quickly and for free, but there are also good reasons to convert to PDF using a paid tool. For example, Able2Extract PDF Converter is a comprehensive PDF manipulation tool that, aside from converting to PDF, allows users to secure their documents and also to convert them back to editable formats.

For example, a user who wishes to share an elaborate, complex annual budget projection in Excel spreadsheet with colleagues and bosses should convert the file to PDF, but Able2Extract also provides an option of password-protecting it, and converting it back to Excel when the time comes to make further modifications. 

It is very useful for people who delete source files after converting them to PDF, which is a common practice.

Able2Extract offers three ways of converting to PDF, and we’ll demonstrate how to do that step-by-step, so users can choose the method that suits them the most.

Convert to PDF from the Command Toolbar

Run Able2Extract and click on the Create button:

Choose your file for conversion from the pop-up window with your file folders and double-click on it. The conversion will immediately start, and you’ll be able to watch its progress by clicking on the Print dispatcher in the lower part of the screen.

Convert to PDF via the File Menu

Go to File menu and click on Create PDF:

Just like in the previous case, choose your file for conversion and click on the Print dispatcher to see the conversion progress, if it’s a large file. If its size is smaller or average, the conversion should take a few seconds.

Print to PDF Using the Virtual Driver
If you don't to open Able2Extract application, you can print your document to PDF from the file application itself. Open your file and click on File → Print:

Choose Able2Extract 9 from available printers and click on the big Print button. Your file will be immediately converted to PDF.

After this, you can secure your PDF or convert it back to its original format for further editing. All of these options and more can be explored for seven days using Able2Extract’sfree trial version


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