25 November 2014

Samsung Introduces EYECAN+, 2nd Gen Eye Mouse

Samsung's 'eye mouse' is the nicest thing it's ever done ~ TheVerge. Indeed, it's kinda a great innovation especially for those people who have disabilities.

Samsung Electronics unveils EYECAN+, a second generation eye mouse for people with disabilities. With a simple eye movement, people can easily use computes; they can compose,edit, and modify documents and can browse using web browser.

According to Samsung, EYECAN+ is a single unit, portable box that sits below the monitor. It works by calibrating user's eye wirelessly which leads it to become first of its kind. It does not require users to wear any device, such as glasses.

Thanks to partly to Hyung-Jin Shin, a graduate student in computer science at Yonsei University in Seoul, who worked with Samsung on EYECAN between 2011-12.

For the development of EYECAN+, Shin took as a key role developer for 17 months.
Samsung EYECAN+
Hyung-Jin Shin: New glasses-free eye mouse significantly enhances ease-of-use for people with disabilities, EYECAN+ technology and design soon to be made open source
“EYECAN+ is the result of a voluntary project initiated by our engineers, and reflects their passion and commitment to engage more people in our community,” said SiJeong Cho, Vice President of Community Relations at Samsung Electronics. 
Furthermore, Samsung stated that it will not commercialize EYECAN+ and will manufacture with limited quantity only for charity organizations. However, its technology and design will be open source that companies and organizations have the access and wish to commercialize it.

EYECAN+ : How It Works?

EYECAN+ will work if the user to be situated between 60cm and 70cm from the monitor. Any position will do, it can be used while seated or lying down.

For first time users, EYECAN+ requires to calibrate so that it will remember user's eye characteristics. Users can also adjust the sensitivity of EYECAN+ for both calibration and actual use.

Once calibrated, the EYECAN+ user interface (UI) will  display as a pop-up menu in one of two different modes, rectangular menu board or floating menu wheel, both of which contain 18 different commands. Both menu types can be configured to remain at the fore of the screen.

The use of all 18 commands solely requires eye movement and blinking, and each command can be selected by looking directly at the relevant icon and blinking once. 

The 18 commands include(more useful ones):
    •  “copy,” 
    • “paste”
    •  “select all”  
    • “drag and drop” 
    • “scroll”
    • “zoom in.” 
    • “close program” (“Alt+F4”)
    • “print” (“Ctrl+P”).
Samsung’s first eye mouse that was introduced in March 2012, it is called EYECAN.

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