04 November 2014

NVIDIA GameWorks Technology Can Render Millions of Grasses For Gaming

As NVIDIA points out, with a great hardware and great software comes with great gaming experience. For game developers, this is yet the next jaw-dropping visual effects with the latest GPU manufacturer's GameWorks technology program.
On the gamer side, this is incredibly fascinating and hopefully awe-experience when playing. In a blog post of Nvidia, the company said that it has new addition of effects, the Turf Effects.
Nvidia GameWorks
Nvidia GameWorks
What is NVIDIA's Turf Effects?

NVIDIA Turf Effects is a new NVIDIA GameWorks technology feature that developers can simulate and render huge grass simulation with physical interaction.

Nvidia Turf Effects
Turf Effects
With the Turf Effects, the developers can render huge swathes of REALISTIC grass with no visual problem at all.

Turf Effects said to be provided "Fully Geometrical" representation with millions of blades of grass. Glass blades are presented with as low as three triangles to 100 triangles per blade using continuous level of details.

Yes, it can simulate 100 triangles per blade and can allow millions of grass be simulated. The High Fidelity will allow for these blades to sway in the wind, to cast own shadows, and to enhance physical interaction.

With the rendering support, it will simulate natural shading with correct shadows for individual blades of grass, two-sided lightning, and correct occlusion for scene geometry.

Furthermore, the simulation also supports interaction with the physical scene objects. In the video below, the simulation of cube that collides with the grass supports interaction with highly complex shapes.

This is important because of those interactions, the game players can track movement of other players.

Key Features:
  • Simulate and render large grass areas
  • Fully geometrical grass representation
  • Support for physical interaction
  • Continuous level of detail
  • Natural shading
  • Scalability
Nvidia have more than 300 engineers working to create better and great games with GameWorks program.

See also: https://developer.nvidia.com/turfeffects

NVIDIA's Turf Effects: 
Watch it here:

This video cards will be available as early 2015.

Images: Screenshot Nvidia's Youtube


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