22 November 2014

HOW TO: Avoid Online Hacks, Scams, and Attacks

With the advent of innovation and latest technologies, we can't deny that most of us are connected to online via our smartphones, personal computers, laptops, and the likes. Did you know that Internet is not "really" a safe place to hangout?
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On the other hand, Internet offers free, useful, and great materials for learning. It is also a good way to stay connected with family, friends, relatives, and love ones, to make new friends, and to use for entertainment, but behind with all these wonderful and great benefits lie the high risks to be hacked, abused, and bullied online.

So here, I will provide information on how to be SAFE online. Why is it important to stay safe online?


First things first, we must able to know the details on how hackers and scammers, why we are not SAFE.

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Scam or confidence trick is an attempt to defraud/trick a person or group after first gaining their confidence.

According FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center, in 2013 alone, there are quarter of millions complaint referring to Online Scam.

One-fifth of the victims were younger than 30 years old, which reasonably not the older people fall for this kind of trick.

TIP: Analyze and study the company keenly.

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Phishing is more similar with Online Scam, but it disguise with legit companies in the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques used to deceive users.

This is an example of phishing technique.
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Note: If you try to examine its website, it displays facebook.cixx6.com, which ideally wants your email address and password.
TIP: Try to be observant with these websites. Look for its website name clearly.
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Some People are just skilled yet use in bad ways.

Many people seem to be skilled in terms of hacking. Hacking requires great knowledge and skilled to compromised sensitive information from its victim.

Though, there are many good hackers too. They usually shared their skilled to a certain organization dealt with security. Some people are working to make antivirus too.

With that, security is really not 100% protected. So how to protect servers from hacking?
  • Companies should have counter measure regarding security
  • Update security patches if possible
  • Implement security feature or authentication to ensure great protection. Dedicated Servers embeds its security features to their dedicated servers at the physical access level from network, server, apps, and account levels.
  • Monitor network performance
  • Private networking
  • Install Firewall
  • Companies need to use and implement protected servers. Dedicated Servers already uses this feature.
  • Users advised to use two-factor authentication. Google and Facebook have its two-way factor authentication. One is for the username(email) and password, while the other one is a certain code that may send to either your phone number or email address. This kind of option will make hackers harder to gain access.
  • Don't be GULLIBLE. Try to be vigilant especially website names; Be extra careful with the numbers, letters, and spellings.
  • Don't give out your sensitive personal information.
  • Don't open emails with attachedment if you don't trust the sender. Try to be logical and critical too. Example, how can you win a lottery if you didn't join?
  • Don't TRUST strangers online.
  • Beware of the sites you visit.
The internet offer a lot of freedom, but sometimes it can lead people to be hacked, bullied, and abused online. I do believe that these information can help users to be protected and secured.

Additionally, I just hope this information is very useful to you.

If you have thoughts to share, kindly contact me or comment below.


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