28 November 2014

Globe myBusiness launches Brightspace

Globe myBusiness launches its education solution program called Brightspace from Desire2Learn school management system Educube from Globals Inc, and eBooks from Flipside Publishing. 

In a press release, Globe myBusiness launched its world-class education solutions portfolio consisting of integrated learning program. Hopefully, it will provide great education experience to the latest technologies, tools, and contents that will ultimately benefit students of today and in the future. 

Globe myBusiness launches its education solution program called Brightspace
Inspiring success through world-class education
In photo showcasing another innovation from the trusted business advisor are (from left) Globe Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for International and Business Markets Gil Genio (leftmost), Globe Senior Vice President for myBusiness Martha Sazon (center), Globals CEO & President Suhas Gopinath (Sazon’s right), Desire2Learn President & CEO John Baker (Sazon’s left), Flipside Publishing, Inc. President & CEO Anthony de Luna and General Manager James Pacaba, with other Globe myBusiness executives and representatives. 

Schools and content publishers can benefit from these technology-based offers as the products ensure cost efficiency as well as more effective and more streamlined processes aligned with global standards. 

Integrated Learning Programs are also included in the program which enable teachers to deliver quality instructions and create learning experiences tailor-fit to students’ individual needs and objectives, and track progress and improve learning, School Management Systems which offer easier and better control on various processes (e.g. student admission, fee billing, curriculum setting, timetabling, academic achievements, etc.) in the education institution, and eBook Solutions which provide schools with relevant and updated content, and aid local publishers and independent authors meet international standards in eBook production and retailing.

For more information on Globe Education Solutions, send an email to [email protected].

Source: Globe Telecom PR


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