28 November 2014

Pinoy Hacktivist Group, Blood Sec Hackers, Defaces Globe Telecom

Last Thursday 27 November 2014, a group of Pinoy hacktivist called Blood Security Hackers - BloodSec International defaced some of the websites of the Globe Telecom allegedly for the reason of poor service.
In a tech blog Coorms post, Blood Security Hackers defaced some of the web pages of Globe Telecom and greeted with a statement.
blood sec hackers globe telecom
Image credit: Coorms
  • "Dear GLOBE, Your service on your internet connection is not worth what we pay for. Do something or expect the consequence. This is just the beginning. Expect Us!”
Blood Security Hackers Fanpage already confirmed for the defacing. In their fan page, they hacked following domains:

  • http://mybusiness.globe.com.ph/
  • http://payroll.globe-csme.com/
  • http://duointernational.globe-csme.com/
  • http://update.globe-csme.com/

As of 6:38 PM, Friday, one of the hack sites displayed site maintenance notably Globe myBusiness.
Globe Telecom site maintenance
Screenshot: Globe Telecom
We'll Be Back Soon. We're currently conducting a maintenance activity to improve system performance. Sorry for the inconveniece. Meanwhile, you can reach us through any of these online channels (twitter, email, globe community) if you need any help with your billing and other Globe Services.
The following websites still cannot be accessed as of this moment:
  1. http://payroll.globe-csme.com/ 
  2. http://duointernational.globe-csme.com/ 
  3. http://update.globe-csme.com/

I  contacted the Globe Communications Officers for this issue and for an update. Still waiting for their kind response.

Update 1.1: Now, they have a reply.

At around 10:00 pm, November 27, Globe Telecom detected defacement in four websites hosted by a third party vendor Movent.

These four sites which in Blood Sec Hackers posted have been taken down:
  1. mybusiness.globe.com.ph, 
  2. duo.globe.com.ph, 
  3. payroll.globe.csme.com 
  4. update.globe-csme.com
According to Globe Chief Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio, he stated that the server where four websites are hosted by a third party partner and are outside of the Globe Corporate and Enterprise Network.

Furthermore, the attack was isolated on the 3rd party's end and due to unpatched vulnerability. Also said that its own Globe-hosted websites were not compromised.

Moreover, he stated that the response teams are conducting and investigating forensics over the attack of the Pinoy Hacktivist Group, Blood Sec Hackers.

Additionally, Globe Telecom assures its customers that NO CRITICAL Customer data have been compromised as this information are not stored in the affected websites.

Lastly, those hacked websites were used for advertising and marketing purposes only and are not connected to any of the private internal Globe customer systems. 

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