17 November 2014

Alternative For Uploading Data, For Data Torrent Download, & For Cloud Data Storage ZbigZ

Want to backup and download files in a cloud storage? The following web services offer such great feature and usability.

Zbigz provides a platform for users to store their data on their cloud servers as the backup or as security and access the files without the need to download them, from anywhere with an internet connection. 

The service offers a safe and secure portal with HTTPS protocol so that the files are secure on the cloud network and the user’s identity is not compromised in any way.

ZbigZ. Screenshot ZbigZ.com

Users can upload their files such as videos and pictures to create a backup. The server allows easy access as there is no restriction on download despite the ISP’s restrictions. These files can be played or viewed from the cloud platform itself and does not require to be downloaded to gain access. This is made possible through the media playlists which offer a plug and play option directly from the cloud server.

Zbigz has several benefits, but there are some competitors who provide a tough time to it and have been gaining increasing popularity and trust for their reliable and efficient services. Among the many alternatives, the major ones are Bitport.io, File Stream, Torrent Handler and Furk.


Bitport.io is a bit torrent platform that allows users to download torrents to the cloud server and then access them through the server rather than downloading to the computer. Downloading to the cloud helps in avoiding being online for the entire duration of a download and is suited to people who do not have much time on their hands.

Bitport.io screenshot
Bitport.io screenshot

Bitport.io is an alternative to Zbigz since it also allows direct access to data through the cloud server. The main advantage of using this over Zbigz is the fact that there is the option of HD streaming and MP3 player, which allows the videos and music to be played in the best quality without the need to download them to the computer. 

Visit its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bitportio

With an exceptionally fast download of all kinds of torrent data, Bitport.io serves as a perfect solution to many people who do not prefer using software and other techniques to download torrents from third party websites. The service is far more reliable since it uses the HTTPS protocol and is a cheap alternative.

Bitport.io is a remarkable option, which provides a host of features to the users at an incredible speed with exceptional reliability and surety. The downloading is direct to the cloud and safe at all times which maintains the trust of the users. The service allows handy features to users from which a lot of benefits is gained and hence it is the best alternative among all.

The data of the user is always kept private and secure with a private cloud storage option. With the regularly updated features for the network, Bitport.io is a cloud system, which is getting highly popular and has become the number one alternate to Zbigz. It provides a stern competition to Zbigz and can overwhelm the users with its fine service in the future.

File Stream

File Stream provides a credible and reliable service to the users to safely upload their data to the server. The data is encrypted through the SSL connection so that unauthorized access is completely blocked off. The service is mostly free and allows the transfer of files from the internet to the cloud server. The data can then be accessed in the cloud.

File Stream
Screenshot. FileStream.me

File Stream also allows the option to stream videos and listen to music without downloading it. With unlimited speed for the users and a decent storage space, it is also a popular platform, which provides an excellent alternative to Zbigz. There is no firewall for the users, so the access is incredibly simple, fast and convenient. For people who want speed and excellent service, File Stream has become a priority.

Torrent Handler

TorrentHandler.com | Screenshot
Torrent handler is a kind of service that allows the users to download the data from their servers rather than through the torrents from a third party website. This has a significant benefit when it comes to the speed of download, and hence downloads are much faster than they would be with the use of torrent services.
TorrentHandler.com is a service that allows you to download a BitTorrent file at a high speed. We download the file first, and then provide you with a high speed direct link download.
The torrent file is downloaded from a third party website from where the torrent is submitted to TorrentHandler. The service downloads the torrent after an application is made and then the user can download the torrent from the server, which provides a much faster speed and a secure download. The download is performed through the HTTP protocol, and hence the user is perfectly safe when downloading the torrents.

How it works
1You download the .torrent file from a third party site like a forum, or by using a bittorrent search engine like torrent.ws or mininova.org.
2You upload or give us a direct link to the file at the "Add Torrent" section of your account.
3TorrentHandler will download this file and send you an e-mail with information on how to download it.
4You download this file straight from our high speed servers via HTTP protocol by using any browser or download manager.
vWe have the ability to download the torrent faster than you would be able to with the help of our clusters of servers that span different countries.
vISP's don't shape HTTP traffic, but they do shape P2P (BitTorrent client) traffic. Since the traffic between you and TorrentHandler is HTTP, it cannot be shaped, so your files will be downloaded at the maximum download speed allowed by your ISP.
vYou don't have to be online all the time to download your file like you do with a BitTorrent client, and you don't even need extra software!
vUsing TorrentHandler is secure and anonymous. There's no way for anyone to get your IP address or other information like people can when you use a BitTorrent client.
With Torrenthandler, the user can maximize and utilize the full speed limit of the ISP for download, and it increases up to 100 times more than the traditional torrent software. This extra speed is ideal for people who want files quickly and do not like to wait on it. 


Furk is an online storage space which stores the files of the user and then allows them to stream the file off the server immediately. Files may be retained on the server by downloading or uploading them and then they can be viewed as per need. Furk has a bandwidth limit of 250 GB which is pretty reasonable and much more than what an average user can use up in a month. 

Furk.net \ Screenshot
The disk storage is unlimited as long as the files are from the public sources. These benefits attract users, and hence it acts as a prime alternative to Zbigz by providing a host of fast and reliable services.

Among all the alternatives, Bitport.io and Torrent Handler rule the roost as of now with their superior services and a better customer service. Bitport.io has been leading the way for some time as people find more use of it and is reliable, fast and has a large amount of data.

TorrentHandler is also good but not at the same level at Bitport.io. The use of these alternates can lead to a sharp decrease in the use of Zbigz, and this is the growing trend with the ever-improving services.


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