31 October 2014

Samsung's New RAM Reaches Data Rate Up to 25 Gbps

Random Access memory (RAM) or Computer's Memory is one of the important hardware components which allows information to read and write, and thus be accessed any memory cell directly. 

If you have low capacity RAM, you will have a problem using on high-demand software like Adobe Products or hungry-consume-graphic games. Worst, your system will suddenly restart if consumed more of the RAM capability.

The good news is Samsung Electronics now producing more advanced 8Gbit, DDR4 memory(new 20-nanometer) and 32GB RDIMM.

In a computerworld article, Samsung is mass-producing most advanced RAM for handling heavy users in the global market.

In a statement that Jeeho Baek, VP of Memory Marketing at Samsung Electronics said:
"By expanding the production of our 20nm DRAM line-ups, we will provide premium, high-density DRAM products, while handling increasing demand from customers in the global premium enterprise market."
It is said that the DDR4 Memory will be marketed for the USE in enterprise servers.

Based on 8Gbit, 20nm process chip. Image: Samsung

The Samsung's 32GB registered dual in-line memory modules (RDIMM) is based on 8Gbit, 20nm process chip. This new memory will be the last in line-up of 20nm-based DRAM. It includes 4GB with 20nm  DDR3 for PCS and 6Gb LPDDRE 20nm for mobile devices. 

The new module’s data transfer rate per pin reaches up to 2.4Gbps, which performs 29% performance. It is also features error-correction and error-checking which means it will increase memory's reliability. 

Additionally, this new module can used up 1.2v only which incredibly and currently the lowest possible voltage usage!


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