06 October 2014

Naruto, Japanese Manga Series, Ends In November

The series that is based on one-shot manga by Masashi Kishimoto had been already 17 years since it was first published the issue of Akamaru Jump last August 1997. Naruto is incredibly one of the best-selling and favorite manga series in the history.

In Japan alone, it sold more than 130 million copies. The sad news is, Naruto manga will end next month. Whoever thought that Naruto Uzumaki who dream to become the HOKAGE will finally bring to an end.

According to Kotaku, it is hinted that the LAST entry of the Naruto manage series will appear in the Weekly Shonen Jump that goes on sale in November 10 with 30 million unit total number of copies of the 70 volume complete book.

naruto manga series
In addition, it was reported that it will show anime film "The LAST: Naruto the Movie" in Japanese theaters this coming December.
the last: Naruto the movie
 Does this Naruto Ends October sadden you ?

Images: Wikipedia/LiveDoor
Sources: Kotaku / Wikipedia


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