10 October 2014

Microsoft Ships Windows 10 With DirectX12 Graphics API

 After Microsoft unveiling its new OS version, Microsoft Windows 10, the company announced that it will ship the supercharged DirectX12 graphics API along the new OS in 2015.

In a Microsoft's blog post, the Windows team were excited for the final version of Windows 10 together with DirextX 10 to be released in holiday 2015.

According to them, the members of the Early Access program  can receive source access to the DirectX12 port of Unreal 4 Engine. The Windows team also encourage members to become one of the members of Windows Insiders.

DirectX 12 logo:
DirectX 12 logo: PCmag
DirectX12 unveils the next version of Direct3D, which is the graphics API at the heart of DirectX. Direct3D considered to be one of the most critical pieces of a game. The Microsoft team already redesigned it to be more efficient and faster.

Direct3D provides richer scenes, full optimization of modern GPU hardware. It is also gives lower level of hardware abstraction, whichallow games to improve with multi-thread scaling and CPU utilization.

Moreover, Direct3D introduces new rendering pipeline features which improve the efficiency of algorithms.

In the blog, they said that you don't need to buy new PC to enjoy the feature of DirectX12 because over 80% PC gamers already have supported graphics hardware.


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