12 October 2014

This App Can Draw Texts In Smartwatches. Cool!

Smartwatches are appealing. How can it be more convenient and cool if you are able to draw texts from it? Microsoft released an app for Google's Android Wear which makes it easier to use.

Microsoft releases Analog Keyboard app for Google's Android Wear. Microsoft's custom prototype keyboard lets users enter texts by drawing letters on smartwatch screen.
Microsoft Android Wear keyboard
An Android Wear keyboard for smartwatches, by Microsoft. / Photo ScreenShot: Tom Warren, YouTube.com
The said keyboard also supports 320x320 pixel resolution screen and Motorola's Moto 360. Hence, users are able  to draw letters, numbers, and special characters freely.

Watch How Beautiful and Convenient it is

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According to TheVerge, though the idea of this incredibly feature of a keyboard, still it does not appeal to everyone.In the post, it is noted that the voice input is easier to use than drawing texts.

Microsoft Analog Keyboard for Android Wear app can be downloaded here:
For Motorola Moto 360 users, there is a certain instructions to follow because it lack of USB.

How about you? How can it be more useful? Microsoft's Analog Keyboard App.


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