15 October 2014

The Smart Use of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is defined as a form of marketing and advertising strategy that uses the web or the internet to deliver promotional messages to targeted consumers. Lot of companies, regardless if they are big or small, have started implementing it in their business.

Seeing its huge potential of boosting promotions, sales and recognition, companies now take its huge advantages for their businesses to further grow.

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing. Photo: Bluerisemedia / 10 Reasons Internet Marketing is Important to Your Business
Knowing the basic components of internet marketing (from content management, social media, SEO, SEM, and website development) would be much effective if combined with a solid and smart campaign. Integrating its components with smart ways of promotions would help one's business attain ROI (Return on Investment). It would now be the responsibility of marketing manager to plan and implement this type of approach.

Most of the time, companies tends to just go with what's trending and new, and didn't give any attention at all on the ways which would help them use it efficiently and effectively. Some just do it with the purpose of going along with the trending flow the market, and usually forgot to do necessary plans and protocol for their campaigns to be a hit.

If you are just starting out on internet marketing and didn't want to be one of those who neglect the significant parts, here's some guide you might want to consider before you begin.  

The S.M.A.R.T Planning
Goal Setting
Goal Setting. Photo : Business Goal
Goal setting is first on your priority list. Set reasons and objectives for you to be motivated in exploring with this type of marketing approach. Use the S.M.A.R.T process.
S.M.A.R.T stands for:

  • SPECIFIC:  Set specific goals that are targeted in specific areas of improvement.
  • MEASURABLE: Goal should be measurable in a sense that it would identify success or at least determine an indicator of progression towards goal.
  • ACHIEVABLE: Set goals that attainable and realistic. Never set yourself up for failures and false-hopes.
  • RELEVANT: Set goals that have real impact and that are actually matter.
  • TIMELY: Create a time frame for your implied goals.

Content Generation
content creation
Content Creation – Google Rewards all Your Hard Work
Deliver great content in a strategic and focused way. This will be the part to use the power of relevant, informative and persuading marketing messages. Make call to action content that would make its readers involves exchange of money for a great value offer.

Photo: Content & Video Marketing by twodegreesmarking

Building Good Relationship

After the flowery words and persuasion stage, establishing good relationship with your clients or customers would be the crucial part. Most companies would rather create a valued relationship with a customer rather than finding and hunting new ones.

Building good relationship is all about having respect and constant communication with them. Customers can be easily satisfied if you have provided them what they need. It's about creating a commitment with your high quality products or services offered.

Direct Response

Website visitors, will be always seeking for information. Be thankful enough that they want to know and explore more about your certain brand. It might be considered a problem, but at least it is a good problem, knowing that people are interested with what you are offering.

Visitors who seek answers should be responded immediately. Direct interactions with them is crucial. Businesses should include the ability to follow-up online or offline. Doing this would be a reflection of your company taking good care of your established and future customers.

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