06 October 2014

Turn Your Android Phone To Universal Remote Control

What if your Android Phone turns to Universal Remote Control? Well, it's kinda convenient way to control appliances in one smartphone though.

Tekoia, an Israeli company, is creating an app called SureMote that will turn every Android smartphone to a universal remote control by linking to a Wi-Fi Connected Home Appliances.

SureMote is a FREE Universal Remote Control app that consolidate compatible(WiFi Connected) home appliances for users who want to control their Wi-Fi based devices and allow them to change channels in their Smart TV and control LED lights.

In addition, SureMote also introduces the concept of the appliance "system", which is a group of appliances that can be controlled simultaneously. This allows turning the system ON/OFF with the single power button leading to the "one-button" remote solution.

SureMote android turns universal remote control device
The updated version of Android App (as of this writing, there is no iOS version yet) uses infrared blaster on newer Android phones to detect WiFi-Connected hardware.

According to Gizmodo, SureMote is not the first app to turn phones into remote control. 

Image: SureMote/Google Play

Home Website: http://www.tekoia.com/


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