28 October 2014

Single Strand of Glass Fiber Carries 255 Tbps

Transferring HUGE files like movies or photo albums is now easier and faster with this world-topnotch fiber research, which a joint-research from US and Netherlands conducted.

Compare to our common wire, the data rate ranges to 4MB-15MB only, depends on the system, and running apps or processes.

With this single strand of glass fiber research, which record to 255 terabits per second or 31.875 terabytes per second makes enough transfer a 1GB file in just 0.0311 milliseconds. For entire 1TB hard drive contents, it will transfer about 31.1 milliseconds. Just wow!

Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the Netherlands and the University of Central Florida (CREOL) in the USA, reported the success of transmission of 255 Terabits over new type of fiber.

According to the research, the new type of fiber will be the answer on the optical transmission problem due to bandwidth demand.

The demand for telecommunication bandwidth is expect to rise at exponential rate thus data transmission will be crunched. 

Researchers able to give an option to increase power signals to overcome the data loss in a fiber. Standard fiber has its limit on the amount of information to be recovered after transmission.

Led researcher, DR. Chigo Okonkwo, also an assistant professor in the Electro-Optical Communications (ECO) research group at  Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/E) and DR. Rodrigo Amezcua Correa, a research assistant professor in Micro-structured fibers at University of Central Florida (CREOL), unveils the new class of fibers that have potential increase of transmission capacity in the online edition of the journal Nature Photonics.

Additionally, there are methods to achieve the 255 Tbps, one is a single fiber has seven different cores which light can travel (one-way road to a seven-lane highway). Researchers also introduced two orthogonal dimensions for data transmission ( three vehicles drive on top of each other on the same lane). Combining the two methods will achieve a gross of transmission throughput of 255 Terabits per second over the fiber link.

Figure 3: Three-dimensional waveguide characteristics. Image: Nature

In ExtremeTech post, it is pointed out that 255 Tbps will be the fastest single-fiber links in the commercial operation up-to-date.
Image: Tue
Having a trouble on transferring HUGE files? Worry no more!


Publication details:
R.G.H. van Uden et al, Ultra-high-density spatial division multiplexing with a few-mode multicore fibre, Nature Photonics (online, 26 October 2014)

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