29 September 2014

Transfer Android Contacts, Messages to Mac: MobiKin Assistant for Android

Did you notice that more Android phone users are getting used to adopt Mac PC rather than Windows or Vista/7/8 series products? 

With the latest news released in the world that windows will be no long upgraded, more users turn their thought to Mac instead of Windows system. Same like Mac system produced by Apple, Android phone operation system are regarded as the license to innovation, which drives billions of users keep Android phone to work in the world. 

On the one side, they are using Mac PC that is unable to download suitable software to match with Android mobile phones. But on the other side, we can see that Android phones are not easier to be modified so far. 

For example, Android phone users feel that it is quiet hard to transfer and back up Android contacts and messages to Mac due to totally different two version platforms. Mac operation system that uses of technical proprietary to the specific platform is different version of supported standards. It causes that applications based on Mac should be matched well with the code of specifications in Mac. If two different version of a single application are operating on different systems, the software must make sure to appear consistent to both of them such as Mac and Android so as to work on different platforms.

You may say that it seems very complicated. In fact, you understand well why Android phone users need the communication tool between Android mobile and Mac PC as what they find is that seldom third party software can provide special function for supporting backup Android messages and contacts to Mac PC. But anyway, rare third party software has been developed recently, which entitled as MobiKin Assistant for Android. As it is based on Mac side usage, you can download and install it to your Mac and then you can open it at any time when you need transfer contacts from phone to PC.

Main Features of MobiKin Assistant for Android

  • Backup or transfer the whole Android contents to computer with one click;
  • Edit or manage your contact list on your computer directly;
  • Download, install or uninstall, backup and export apps as you like;
  • Works well as the best desktop SMS assistant.

MobiKin Assistant for Android allows user to directly edit, modify, add, delete contacts number and contact address, information through the program, and it can automatically sync and update to your Android phone. Save your time. 

For messages, you can select all messages and export messages to the computer and save as excel format. For Samsung galaxy phone. This is the guide on how to transfer text on Samsung s4 to PC.

Backup software includes old version standby software such as tar, which is replaced at great extent by the latest tools such as MobiKin Assistant for Android. This program can be used to back up files from Android mobiles as it can come with Windows operation system based on setting it up on your computers. In fact, IT professional believe that the program backup function can work 80% faster than others so that they suggest that, in addition to backing up the target Android contacts and messages to Mac, you can keeping a second copy of this assistant program in your friends Mac for basic usage. The principle of the application is used entire configuration to characterize its interfaces so as to identify the operation system and development codes. 

Therefore, MobiKin Assistant for Android is able to mesh with different operation systems smoothly.  The specifications of the program is standards and transcendent, which can synchronous data on your Mac during back up process. Either installation or back up,  the speed of back up will give you pleasure surprise. 

Source: Mobikin


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