12 September 2014

Top 5 Elements for a Perfect Blog

elements of perfect blogging
At this point, we already know the power of blogs and what it can do to transform your startup site into a multimillion-dollar online marketing platform. But what really makes a great blog? Here, we go deep into the anatomy of a perfect post and uncover what it takes to draw more readers to your website.

#1 Images Make Write-ups More Interesting

Did you know that blog posts with images get about 90% more views as compared to those bland, text-only articles? Yes, photos are very powerful tools to help your readers understand your message. And ergonomically speaking, images placed between paragraphs offer your readers a short break before even continuing to finish the entire post.

Obviously, images are very important if you run an e-commerce website. And research has shown that online shoppers prefer to close a deal when the website presents high-quality images of the products they plan to buy. So, get your best shot and let the pictures paint a thousand words (and dollars) for you.

#2 Simplicity is Key

It may sound counterintuitive, but a great blog comes in the most simple expressions and sentences. Not that we discourage the use of unfamiliar words and phrases, but if you want to draw as many readers as possible, you might want your ideas to come across to the majority of the population. Even the most novice English reader should understand what you’re trying to tell the world -- be it a product, an idea or your own story.

Also, adding a spice of controversy creates that interactive feeling between you and your readers. And it is in this tone that they are most likely to add comments down below.

#3 Social Media Presence

Believe it or not, but some experts predict that .com e-commerce websites will already be an obsolete online marketing platform in favor of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Even today, some Facebook pages allow merchants to sell their products or services with ease. It’s not that we encourage you to write your blogs on your FB fan page, but sharing your write-ups on social media significantly boosts its visibility to more readers especially if they find your topics worth sharing.

#4 A Zest of Controversy Isn’t That Bad

Talking about topics that are worth sharing, nothing seems to provoke the readers’ opinions than a relatively polarizing blog post. Not that we advise you to write about very sensitive matters that could undermine other people's reputation and security, but going against mainstream opinions and beliefs would most likely make e-readers engage in a very interesting conversation down the comment section.

True enough, you might gain fierce critics and haters, but you would also earn the respect of others given that you observe proper etiquette in article writing. After all, no matter how safe your statements are, there will always be those who would oppose our ideas in one way or the other.

#5 Call to Action

Whether you ask your readers to sign up for your newsletter, click on a special offer or watch a video, these imperative sentences or “call to action” statements will guide them to your ultimate purpose on why you wrote your blog in the first place. Are you selling a product or service? Or, do you simply want to influence others with your ideas? These CTAs are very powerful to help boost your online marketing services.


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