16 September 2014

Intel Unveils Edison: SD Card Form Factor Computer

Would it be nice to have this kind of SD card that makes and works any devices like a PC. Intel made it happen.

Intel introduced its new development platform, Edison, which features dual-core Silvermont Atom clocked at 500MHz and Intel Quark clocked at 100Mhz. Edison is paired with 1GB LPDDR3, Wifi, 4GB Storage, and support for Yocto Linux.

According to Extremetech, Intel unveiled EDISON — Full Pentium-class PC in the form factor of an SD card.

This SD card is a dual-core w/ 22nm Quark processor, RAM, flash storage, WIFI, Bluetooth, Linux system, and microcontroller for real-time I/O with external devices.

Intel Edison
Idea behind Edison
Edison makes everything smart. How? Since Edison is a SD card, it will make everything smart by inserting to an SD card lot of a device.

Intel's Edison is a good choice for rapid prototyping and fun DIY projects.


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