14 September 2014

HGST Introduces its World's First 10TB Hard Drive in 3.5 Inches Form Factor

If you are wondering ways on how to save your movies and large images in hard drive, this 10TB HDD will surely the answer. Yeah, this is really crazy but HGST introduced its world's first 10TB HDD. How cool is it to have this 10TB hard drive?
Last Tuesday (Sept. 9, 2014) HGST (HITACHI GST now Viviti Technologies) unveiled its world’s first 10TB hard drive in a standard 3.5-inch form factor. This drive uses "shingled magnetic recording" (SMR).

Take note: Western Digital (WD) acquired Viviti Technologies  (formerly Hitachi GST) roughly $3.9 billion in cash and 25 million shares of WDC common stock valued totaling about $0.9 billion.

shingled magnetic recording" (SMR) technology that takes advantage of blank "guard space" between individual tracks in order to increase capacity without increasing the number of platters in a drive. It basically lays down tracks in an overlapping fashion like the shingles on a roof.

Seagate's SMR design groups tracks into bands, with each band breaking the "shingled" layout so that the entire disk doesn't need to be re-written after writing to just one track. That said, some re-writing will still need to occur, and it's not clear exactly what effect that has on drive speed compared to non-SMR disks. ~ TechSPot

HGST also has this HelioSeal Technology which means it removes air inside the drive and replaces it with helium. The replacing air-filled with helium has benefits including reduce energy costs. The reduce power consumption is by 23% and it lowers operating temperature by 4 degrees Celsius.

This drive destined for:
  • cool-to-cold storage
  • cloud storage
  • archive
  • internet media
According to HGST there are no available sale yet but they giving it to selected clients.

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