11 September 2014

Globe Telecom Implements Validation of Share-A-Load Promo

Globe Telecom validates its Share-A-Load or Share-A-Promo transactions against scammers. In a report, Globe users will receive a validation messages after issuing a command of Share-A-Load or Share-A-Promo transactions. In this way, it will prevent from sharing load/promo from text scammers.

In my humble opinion, this is really useful but rare if you accidentally type number and send to a mobile number starts with 2.

According to Globe Senior VP for Corporate Communication, Yoly, Crisanto, there are more customers STILL unaware that texting a number to a 10-digit mobile number with the first number "2" will share a load.

In my experience, once I shared a load to a mobile number, it will message you and inform you to REPLY within 5 minutes.

Thank note also that the message is FREE of CHARGE.
Number: 2652XXXXXXXXX
You're about to share P30 load with 0905XXXXXXX. Reply YES within 5 minutes to proceed. P1/transaction. Report text scams to www.globe.com.ph/stopspam. TransID: XXXXXXXX 09/10/2014 08:36PM
Time: 9/10/2014 8:36:07 PM
Another validation message would come from 2652xxxxxxxxx, where the last 9 digits are the transaction number. Replying to the message is free of charge.

So what will happen if you didn't reply? Obviously, it will not successfully transact share-a-load.
Customers who fail to reply within five minutes will receive the following message:
"We're sorry, but your Share-A-Load/Promo transaction has been cancelled because the response time exceeded 5 minutes. Please try again. Thanks!"

Globe also reduced Share-A-Load transactions to P150 for prepaid customers and P300 for postpaid in August to reduce incidents of scams asking for P500 Share-a-Load transactions.

The telecom encouraged users to file incident reports (for those scammers and spammers) on their new Stop Spam website, which has received over 42,000 reports since its establishment in June. (http://www.globe.com.ph/stopspam)


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