17 September 2014

Globe Telecom Unveils Project 1 Phone

Just recently, Globe launched its Project 1 Phone to create proper awareness on electronic waste (E-waste) disposal.

Did you know that old electronic devices that have been dumped can create great waste problem. The effects of these e-waste are harmful to environment and human beings.

Image: Globe Telecom
Globe does not only create awareness but to encourage fellow subscribers to help build schools in Aklan by donating old mobile devices.

In the meantime, every #ThrowbackThursday starting September 18th, Globe wants you to dig up your old phone and revisit the experiences you had with it and encourage you to take a photo of your phone and share a wonderful story about it. 

Please share them with the hashtags #TBT and #Project1Phone.

You can also share the attached meme of the good old 5110 (see above image), or you can make your own phone memes!


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