19 August 2014

HOW TO: Upload Photos To INSTAGRAM Using PC Not Mobile App

Instagram is incredibly one of the most used online photo-sharing apps to date. I'm pretty sure you get excited whenever you are in a cool place or have a different food menu. Sometimes, people like me only want to use more of PC. Relatively, I am using more of 90% of the time on Desktop and only 10% on my smartphone. Ideally, though, I don't exert more time on using any app like Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an online social networking MOBILE photo-video sharing app which users enable to take pictures(modify it) and videos.

Photos and videos in Instagram can be shared on different social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr.

While Instagram works mostly and perfectly on MOBILE and I guess you have heard it is IMPOSSIBLE to upload photos to Instagram from a computer, this post will be the answer and will work on computers.

Introducing Gramblr

Gramblr answers that 'impossible' way to upload photos to Instagram using computers. 
Gramblr is a FREE,  GREAT, Straightforward, and easy way to upload images on Instagram from COMPUTER.


1.  Download the software from the official website. This application is FREE and EASY (no need to sign up to download, does not require any verification process, it has no affiliates like answering survey)
2.  Install it in your computer(be it Windows or Mac platform)
3. Login your Instagram account 
  • Note: Don't worry. Gramblr does not share your username or password to any other websites without the your  prior permission.
4. Choose photo you want to upload
  • Note: Only use JPG, JPEG files < 500kb. You will need to resize and crop your .jpg photo to 650px by 650px. You can use webresizer.com!
I tried to upload my sample photo here:

Tip: The photo must be SQUARE. Thus, if the height is 500px then the width must be 500px too.

You can use webresizer.

To use WebResizer. You need to upload your image. After choosing image, click Upload Image button. Then, crop your image and make it square. Below photo screenshot set to 300px.

5. Add Caption

6. Viola! You are done! Enjoy!

Tip: You can also share it to Facebook and Twitter.
7. To make it sure, you really uploaded the photo in Instagram. Kindly check its Weblink. Here's mine:

Well, it's kinda pixelated. In order to get high quality, you must set it to 650 x 650. Thank you!


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