05 August 2014

Microsoft Elegant Design Smartwatch Concept

Microsoft's Wearable-Smartwatch concept for Windows is SUPERB, CLASS, and PREMIUM.

Perhaps the reason why I still don't have a watch is because I waited for a-simple-yet-elegant-looking smartwatches and its cheaper in my pocket. Well, hopefully, wish will be come true.

Recently, I have liked one of the designs of Michael Bastian's Smartwatch Engineered by HP. It is timeless and elegant design which captures my sense of wanting it. I know its pretty expensive. Who knows, one day it will become a SALE though.

Samsung already unveiled its Gear Fit Fitness Band which incredibly useful if you are that health-conscious type of person.

Samsung Gear Fit devices are STANDALONE-sized of 1.84" Super AMOLED curved display that weighs 27 grams sported with gyro, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracker, and pedometer feature. It is also equipped with water and dust resistant bands.

On the other premium brand, one of the top 10 brand products at CES 2014 is the PEBBLE STEEL which loved by WIRED.

Locally, Cherry Mobile wanted to join the race of Smartwatches. Cherry Mobile's Watch Phone was one of the most anticipated wearable in 2014. 

However, Watch Phone is cheaper compared to those of premium smartwatches. One thing to note, it does not support WIFI connectivity.

Now, Microsoft joins the smartwatch ecosystem. The concept is quite adorable and awesome.. It is designed by a  German designer, Nadir Aslam. Along with the features below:

Source: Microsoft Elegant Design Smartwatch Concept
Images: Nadir Aslam / Behance.net

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