10 August 2014

Lucy Movie 2014 Mixed Review

Lucy is a less action-packed sci-fi movie with the main concept of "10% of the human brain used" myth but a thought-provoking.

The promotional trailers suggested that there will be a lot of kickass-action scenes, which Luc Besson's movies depicted like his Taken 2 (2012) and The Fifth Element(1997) — which he won for Best Director and Best French Director. But the movie itself lacks "that" action-packed sequences.

To add the claim that Lucy will be an action movie, Luc Besson also written action movies such as:
  • Taxi
  • The Transporter 
  • Kiss of the Dragon 
  • Unleashed/Danny the Dog. 
  • Taken
  • Léon: The Professional 
  • The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc 
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Storyline, plot, and sideline funny comments

The main premise revolves around Scarlett Johannson(Lucy), which you might expect that the movie is FULL of action — sorry to tell you but it has a less action scenes compared to her role in Captain America and Avengers, a sexy-kickass agent/assassin. Nevertheless, there were blood-pumping action sequences too.
Image: Variety
The story line is quite simple and straightforward. The first scenes were transition with funny animal scenes somewhat similar with documentary films from Discovery or National Geographic. So I ask myself, am I watching a documentary or movie? 

Lucy had a simple job supposedly — to deliver a briefcase to Mr. Jang (who happens to be a mob boss and a drug lord) but went nightmare. Tricked by her boyfriend, she instead caught and became a DRUG MULE for a powerful synthetic drug (CPH4) I tried to Google it, it gave me a result still I don't even digest it. -_-
6-carboxytetrahydropterin synthase (EC, CPH4 synthase, queD (gene), ToyB, ykvK (gene)) is an enzymewith system name 7,8-dihydroneopterin 3'-triphosphate acetaldehyde-lyase (6-carboxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropterin and triphosphate-forming).[1][2] This enzyme catalyses the following chemical reaction ~ wikipedia
But according to uproxx, CPH4 actually did exists in real life but to Luc Besson, he wanted to hide the real name, instead, he used CPH4 — a molecule which carried by a woman at 6 weeks of pregnancy. Anyway.

The first scenes were spoken Chinese and no subtitle shown whatsoever. Thankfully, a translator in the telephone solves the problem. Bingo. But later, I wonder why the film shows subtitle, of course, these mobs don't want to bring their translator-telephone though.

Lucy is not the only one who carries the synthetic drug inside her abdomen which forcefully sewn, there were men with the same fate also — to be transported in other parts of the Europe for sales. In her captivity, one of the captors kicks her abdomen, the powerful drug leaked and mixed with her system — flowed over galaxies of bloodstream and nerves whatever.

As a result, she gains abilities that Marvel Universe will  be shocked to know and it unlocks her mind to 100% FULL potential (see the last part of the story).

From a simple-living woman-turned-into-a-mutant which she gained her abilities combined with those of

  • X-MEN: Professor X (mental skill: telekinesis, telepathy), less similar with Mystique(she only mutated her hair but I'm pretty sure she can shape-shift) and Magneto(controls the metal)
  • from an anime One Piece: Luffy's King Haki (she knocked and disabled the police members)
  • from a movie Jumper (teleport to other place).

She can even control TIME, hack INFORMATION (I don't know if she can enhance the specs of a laptop too because the laptop runs incredibly faster, it can open multiple windows in a split second though.), feel NO PAIN, and diagnose people's condition without problem (she became a doctor, and she printed whole medicine to her friend). 

When she contacts Professor Norman, a researcher/professor about human mind, she broadcast herself to Professor to suggest that she was one sole example for using more brain capacity. Professor was skeptical. To prove she got the unique ability, she had shown her face to a smartphone and television, broadcast in FM, and even controlled the light-lamp(LOL). Actually, this conservation yawns me but there were funny scenes before that, when Professor had a lecture about human mind — especially that of reproduction. ^_^ . 

going back....

After the bag of drug was removed from her abdomen (I wonder why the big bag fits her abdomen without noticing from outer view), she realized that she needs those drugs to enhance her brain capacity and to unlock brain to 100% full potential usage. Though, she knows it will kill her somehow, she flies (When she is drinking alcohol it made her disintegrate in the plane. Alcohol is her weakness, no doubt. Or maybe, just a coincidence experience LOL) to Paris and contacts a French police captain Pierre Del Rio to find other drug mules. (When she contacted the captain, she can remotely see his pen and what he was doing though).

skip..skip..skip sequences...

When driving a police car, Lucy had the ability to scan and read texts from the surrounding. When she is looking for a certain call, the police officer was so-shocked (maybe he thought Lucy was a psychopath). Obviously, she obtained one source from her enemy and drove fast to the hospital. If Lucy can control mind, element, or object then why on earth she makes numerous car crashed? She could stop those drivers in the first place anyway.

At the professor's lab, Lucy lectures about life and nature of time (again, is it a documentary or a movie?), she asks the professors to inject her the remaining 4 bags of CPH4. As a result, she has the ability to travel place and time. Also, she gains energy to create a SUPERCOMPUTER that contains information about the vast universe. (wow but dull reason).

To make it simpler, at 100% FULL brain capacity, she became a USB Drive...no! I mean, she is EVERYWHERE. :3

Though, it feels dust in the wind... there is probably no upcoming sequel unless it twisted with some surprising enemies(maybe Thanos).


  • Rate: 6.6 /10
  • Still it's your decision to watch it
  • Special effects are great
  • Story line is simple and straightforward
  • Is there any hint for a SEQUEL, I just don't know a normal person be a arch enemy with LUCY, so I guess it is the END.
  • Will wait for the CinemaSins for this film

About Lucy

Lucy is a 2014 English-Chinese language not-so-action film directed, written and edited by Luc Besson. It stars mainly Scarlett Johansson as LUCY and Morgan Freeman as Professor Norman.

Watch Lucy Trailer: http://www.mabzicle.com/2014/04/lucy-2014-sci-fi-action-film.html

10% of brain myth

The 10% of brain myth is the widely perpetuated urban legend that most or all humans only make use of 3%, 10%, 27% or some other small percentage of their brains.



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