07 August 2014

Infographics: Globe Telecom is 100% 3G Network

Did you know that Globe Telecom is the FIRST TELCO company in the Philippines to unlock 100% 3G and largest 4G coverage over the country?

In this modernized world, people will always want faster digital lifestyle experience. This is where Globe Telecom comes in, with the aim to provide its customers a satisfactory speed on wireless internet especially on mobile devices, Globe Telecom is now 100% 3G and a 90% FULL 4G entire network coverage over the Philippines.

Here is a great infographics about its 100% 3G Network.

Infographics: Globe Telecom
Globe Telecom implements with fully more advanced 4G infrastructure by the end of third quarter, expects giving wonderful digital experience from its growing 43 million subscribers.

“With a 100% 3G network, we now have a robust capacity for high-speed mobile data access. Providing our network with full HSPA+ coverage in 90 days will provide an even faster mobile internet experience. This increases potential for more digital innovation and enhances wonderful customer experience,” ~ Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu said, adding that the combined 3G and 4G infrastructure of Globe Telecomwill further drive mobile data explosion in the country amid rising demand for smartphones.

Additionally, according to Cu, Globe Telecom’s transformation initiative also enhanced in-building coverage in major malls, hotels, hospitals, major highways and airports, further enriching customer experience.

 “The benefits of staying connected have never been greater, leading to the growing prevalence of smartphones and other mobile devices. People are able to experience high-speed internet, allowing them to stay connected to their homes and offices anytime and anywhere, making it so much easier for our customers to stay productive even when doing many other things,”
By the end of the 2014 Globe Telecom expected to have more 6500 cell sites to increase coverage.

Globe Telecom’s modernized telecommunications infrastructure will certainly makes more users to be happier and have more satisfactory experience.

Source: Globe Telecom PR


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