11 August 2014

IBM Unveils "Brain-like" Chip With 4096 Processor Cores

What is more powerful: Human Brain or Computer? Of course, the answer is the Human brain.  Are you doubt about it? Do you agree? Did you know that human brain is the world's most sophisticated computer and world's top computing chart?

You read it right. Human brain has the ability to learn, recognize, and easily understand new things which programmable computers normally don't. 
Researchers worked very hard to mimic the brain capacity yet it was first focused on software side. But some researches already put efforts to create brain-inspired computer chips. Well, thanks to IBM's powerful brain-inspired chip which Big Blue released a research paper last Thursday.

Traditional computing systems much like with the "left" brain( analytical and mathematical abilities). However, IBM emulate and mimic the "right" brain function perception, sensory, pattern recognition, cognition, and action abilities which called Cognitive Thinking.

IBM will attempt to make it learn from new information over coming years. With that, Big Blue released a research paper and published it to a academic journal Science.

According to the academic journal Science, the "brain-like" chip was so-called TrueNorth which released in 2011 as a simpler experimental system.


TrueNorth is a "brain-like" chip sizes that of postage stamp which packed with 4,096 processor cores which mimics these two fundamental building blocks of human brain: one million human neurons and 256 million synapses. IBM said these two fundamental building blocks called "Spiking Neurons", says wired.com.

Details of the chip can be found in Science

According to Neuroscientists, one of the numerous ways that Human Brain stores information is patterns of pulses. Similarly, TrueNorth can encode data as patterns of pulses.

This chip can create more useful applications like health apparatus, transportation, and other stuffs. 

Images: IBM

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